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What’s Your Cup of Tea?

It is tasty and pleasingly aromatic, but it is also beneficial for the body, mind, and soul! The tea selection from Bliff Organik, made of various medicinal aromatic plants cultivated in Kosovo and possessing organic certificate, is one of the specialties of the Kosovo market. 

Erblina Avdijaj tells how she grew up being surrounded by the culture of medicinal and aromatic plants. Her family in Istog/k is engaged for many years now in the collection, cultivation, processing, and exporting of these plants. Thus, the idea to found her own business of tea made of medicinal aromatic plants was a natural step for her. 

In 2019, Erblina have life to the brand “Bliff Organik”, an idea that had been brewing in her mind since 2016. The stimuli to realize her idea came from many directions. Apart from the business activity of her family with these plants, Erblina did a market research both in Kosovo an abroad, she participated in trade fairs abroad and step by step, she shaped the right formula for quality and healthy products that are unique in the market. 

Initially, the line had 7 products – a tea selection made of various flowers. At the beginning of 2021, the range is further enriched, the quality is better and Erblina is constantly on the lookout for innovation. 

“I started my activity with seven types of tea flavours: mint, linden, forest fruit, green tea, mountain tea, chamomile, and ‘fruit basket’. All ingredients are either cultivated or collected in Kosovo,” says Erblina. The vision of “Bliff Organik” is to bring to the market something different. 

Now, “Bliff Organik” is present in the market with 14 products of various flavours, complete with suitable packaging for any occasion. Apart from the teabags, Erblina’s innovation is the “envelope packaging”, which is suitable for cafeterias and restaurants, along with bulk packaging. The material used for the teabags contains no plastic and is in line with the requirements of organic standard. 

A unique novelty of this line of the tea “Relaksohu” (Relax), a formula created specifically for better taste and relaxing effects. The already studied qualities of lavender, melissa, and chamomile were put together for a unique product.  

In fact, as the name itself says, and the name of the brand too, all products are made of plants cultivated organically. During collection, drying, and further processing as ingredients for various types of tea, the company observes all processes of the organic standard. 

“The special thing about our products is that we trance the entire chain – from cultivation to the final processing. We get fresh seasonal products that are packaged right away. That is why the final product preserves the quality, aroma, and nutritious values,” says Erblina. 

Even during storage, the company observes all standards that guarantee quality products for the consumer. 

Currently, the product range of “Bliff Organik” can be found only in Kosovo, at markets, cafeterias, restaurants, pharmacies, or can be ordered online via their webpage. The company has undertaken safe steps to being exporting. “For this, we need to increase the production capacities,” says Erblina. 

“Bliff Organik” is yet another example of successful companies founded and managed by women in Kosovo. Erblina manages the company together with her two sisters, Fitore and Fatbardha, and has hired women for every work process. 

Also, the company is a good example how support from local institutions and foreign organizations, like Swisscontact, provides the right push to young women entrepreneurs bristling with ideas and will to build a business activity and create jobs in Kosovo. 

The “Bliff Organik” production facilities works every day, and no day is like the other. Success serves as a stepladder to continue onwards, with new ideas and products. Erblina is constantly on the lookout for the next challenge – be that a new flavour, a more attractive packaging design, or new markets in Europe and worldwide. 

Elegant packaging in pastel colours creates a sense of calmness and tastefulness. Every detail of “Bliff Organik” products is well-thought and conveys the message of quality organic products. 

The newest product in the market by “Bliff Organik” is packaging that contains ten different flavours, for every taste: chamomile, mint, forest fruit, linden tea, green tea, “relax” tea, elder tea, hibiscus, and sage. So, what’s your cup of tea?