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10 Reasons to Make Kosovo Your Next Adventure Tourism Destination

A landlocked country where you can explore outdoors all year round, while peppering your stay with a unique culinary experience and enriching your spirit at diverse cultural heritage sites, Kosovo is a destination that will speak to your adventure-seeking soul.  You can challenge yourself with rock-climbing, caving, mountain biking, ziplining or swinging at nearly 900 meters above sea level. You can find relaxation by kayaking, doing outdoor yoga, or rocking the karaoke in a remote village far from the maddening crowd. Affordable for all!  


Follow the trail to adventure and enjoyment – it leads you to Kosovo.   

  • Two Via Ferrata Lines: Peja and Zubin Potok

Dare to imagine what comes after the next step and brace yourself for breathtaking views. A seasoned climber or not, the Via Ferrata lines – one in the western part of the country, the other in the north, are accessible for all. Due to the country’s geographical position and climate conditions, both Via Ferrata lines can be used most of the year. There are well-trained, safe and friendly professional guides to engage.

  • Bike tours in Peja, Prishtina, Junik and Gračanica

An eco-friendly way to experience Kosovo, you can rent a bike to wander around on your own or join a guided tour to historical sites - some under UNESCO protection. As you ride around, you can take in that special blend of past and present that makes Kosovo worth visiting. If you are in a bold mood, it’s worth trying to bike through the Accursed Mountains or Sharri Mountains.    

  • Hiking, Camping and Yoga

Imagine this: you begin a new day with hiking gear on your backpack. Following the butterflies, you discover nature’s awesome formations only a few kilometers from the urban bustle. The next morning, you find your inner balance doing yoga on some of the most exquisite spots in Kosovo. Now you are all set to explore the country further.

  • Kayaking in Badovc Lake

Red, orange, green or yellow. Choose the color of the kayak to sail into the blue waters of Badovc Lake, surrounded by lush forests, about 16 kilometers from Kosovo’s capital. Fish and meat sizzling on the barbecue await as you are back from the exercise.

  • Zip-Line in Peja

Humans were born to fly, and zip-lines are there to help. Cross the Rugova Canyon  by air along the 640 meters of the zip-line, one of the world’s top ten. First, you need to walk along a refreshing mountain path to reach the take-off spot. Wondering about the speed of flight? Can you beat the wind? That is up to you to discover.  

  • Caving in Radavc

Only 11 km from the city of Peja in Western Kosovo lies a narrow tunnel that is the entrance to the “Sleeping Beauty” Cave in Radavc. Its rock formations make dazzling colorful patterns. Further inside, you see stone basins created over time by the dripping water. A stalactite shaped like a hand – the fingers of the “Sleeping Beauty” – point towards the cave floor, perhaps to treasures hidden by Time.

  • Adventure Park & Giant Swing

Knot rope, rope ladder, ladder bars and walking net. Thinking of a tongue twister? Think again and start preparing for an absolute experience of adventure and nature. The Adventure Park in Peja, located on top of the hill at almost 900 meters above sea level, offers a series of aerial elevated platforms by difficulty level. It is fun, it is safe, and the view is magnificent. Test your limits with the Giant Swing!

  • Snowshoeing in Rugova and Brezovica

Winter is here. You miss hiking in the wild. Well, who said you cannot? Put on a pair of snow shoes and go explore the frosted nature on your feet, only to come back to warm traditional food straight from the earthen pots, which you can savor in the wooden cottages studding the remote mountainous villages.

  • Night-Skiing in Boge Slopes

Feeling romantic or fearless, or both? You can try your skills at skiing – but with a twist. Special lights illuminate the tracks in Boge making them suitable for nighttime skiing. Apart from toning the muscles and improving your blood circulation this nighttime fun will expand your skiing experience.

  • Via Dinarica Trail

Via Dinarica is an amazing natural trail that runs through the heart of the Western Balkans, starting in Slovenia (Dinaric Alps) all the way to Macedonia (Sharri Mountain Range). Kosovo is now part of this trekking experience. The Kosovo segment of the Via Dinarica runs from the village of Reka e Allagës in Rugova Valley, through Bjeshkët e Nemuna National Park, to Gjeravica, the highest peak of Kosovo, and finally to the Sharr Mountains.  Outdoor lovers of the world, this trail is something not to be missed.