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Mrika Conquering the Peaks

Mrika Nikqi has built a name of her own as a climber of the highest peaks in the world. In an interview for Albinfo she talks about her passion. 

It is two years now that Mrika Nikqi has founded her tourism company “Mrika Seven Summits”. During this time, she has organized various tours involving mountain hiking, camping, hiking and yoga, Via Ferrata climbing etc. Despite the effects of the pandemic, she continued her work with dedication and observing all COVID-19 safety measures at all times.

How did your journey as Mrika Seven Summits begin?

As a young child I started to hike around the Accursed Mountains together with my family and over time, my passion to climb high peaks grew. In 2019 I started my own project, with the goal of becoming the youngest woman in the world who climbs these peaks, and so that my father and I become the first Albanians to tackle this challenge. My project was completed within a very short period of time. Within 9 months we managed to climb 6 of the most challenging peaks of this project. 

Which are your achievements so far for which you are particularly proud of?

Climbing the seven highest peaks of seven continents at a very young age, through which I gained great experience in this area, which I can transfer to the mountaineering community and the young people. 

Do you see yourself as a “role model” to inspire other girls to follow in your footsteps? 

So far, I have been part of various campaigns, such as the one with the UNWomen on gender equality, women making change in the Western Balkans. I have also participated in a series of volunteers with my story, and in many other presentations. So, my key goal is to convey a motivating message to the women and youth. 


Mrika has started a collaboration with Swisscontact. In the framework of this project, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, she will organize summer camps for children, for which she will collaborate with various schools, and will also include children with special needs, under the supervision of professionals. These camps and activities for children will include a combination of hiking, yoga, and Via Ferrata climbing. 

Mrika’s plans in the alpinism career will be a surprise, whereas her main goal in the next 5 years is to connect as may youth as she can with nature. Her motivation is “you can achieve anything with hard work.”