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 4 October 2021

Made in the Balkans continues with the presentation of the products by artisans, designers, artists and small entrepreneurs from the Balkan Peninsula and today’s meeting is dedicated to Bliff Organik, a small agricultural family-owned business from Istog/k, Kosovo, founded by Erblina Avdijaj along with her sisters Fitore and Fatbardha.

Tell me something about you: who are you?

My name is Erblina and together with my two sisters we are originally from Istog/k, a town in western Kosovo, and we have created Bliff Organik. Together with my two sisters, moved by the passion for plants and aromatic herbs - a passion that has been transmitted to us since childhood by our father who twenty years ago created the company Agroprodukt, a company that sells semi-processed plants, we decided to establish Bliff Organik. It is a Kosovar brand that brings tea and infusions of aromatic medicinal plants to the market

What is the philosophy behind Bliff Organik?

The philosophy of Bliff Organik is to produce the best teas and infusions possible while preserving the aroma and quality of the ingredients used. Each phase of the production chain is essential to obtain an excellent final product: the ingredients are grown in Kosovo, according to high organic standards, the plants are delivered fresh to the "Agroprodukt" company, where they are passed into their respective dryers in order to preserve the aroma and also the original colour of the product. The plants are also processed and cleaned with the most sophisticated machinery and subsequently delivered to Bliff, where each herb is processed to be made into tea.

Which are the products you cultivate and sell?

Our tea selection in teabags consists of 8 types: mint, chamomile, mountain fruit, linden, mountain tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, peach and apricot tea. This year we also launched a line dedicated exclusively to aromatic medicinal plants rich in beneficial effects for our health: nettle tea, mallow, elder tea, calendula, sage, ‘relax’ tea and mixed tea.

Are all the products bio and cultivated in Kosovo?

Our products are all certified by Albinspect – Bio Inspecta with the equivalent standard BIO according to the European regulation 834/2007. When we launched our line of tea flavours in the market, we were the first in the country to possess this standard. All of our products are cultivated in Kosovo with the exception of a few ingredients, which we cannot find here because of the climate.

What is a product you are particularly proud of?

My favourite is Relax Tea, a relaxing tea with a very pleasant aroma, which helps calm the mind and relax the body. Our packaging “Çfarë çaji je me pi”, comprises of 10 types of tea in teabags: chamomile, mint, mountain tea, forest fruit tea, linden, green tea, relaxation tea, calendula, mallow, and elder tea and this is the product I am most proud of: it allows true tea enthusiasts to choose from the best selections we produce.

What is a specific product that represents Kosovo and why?

For me, the products that represent my country above all are the mountain tea and linden tea: their unmistakable aroma immediately reminds me of the homes of my grandparents who traditionally drank fresh tea not only to cure seasonal ailments but also for personal pleasure.

Where can we find your products?

The products of Bliff Organik are sold in different stores, pharmacies, shops and supermarkets in Kosovo. This year we have exported some of our tea products also to Germany, and we will not stop here. Our address is Rruga Rudina 135, 31000 Istog, and you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our webpage, or write an email to a [email protected] or even call us at +383 (0) 49 886 111.